Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Corn Palace

Okay, if you are driving through South Dakota, you have to stop at the Corn Palace. You'll need to use the bathroom anyway and this is just bizarre enough to make it interesting and give you a chance to walk around and stretch your legs.
The girls posing with "Cornelius" outside the Mitchell Corn Palace.

The first Corn Palace was built in 1892 in order to showcase - what else - corn! It was to encourage people to settle down there and was a testament to the fact that the soil was good and you could raise a family from food you grew in that soil.

It's been rebuilt a few times over the years and has finally morphed into a giant arena covered in corn murals.

And I don't mean murals about corn.  These are created out of corn.

In the hallway around the main arena, they have pictures of the Corn Palace from each year of its existence.   It's as interesting to look at the old cars and clothing styles of the people in the pictures as it is to look at the building!

New murals are designed every year.

Extreme close up!

Look at those cobs!

They even have a mural of Mt Rushmore!

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  1. Wow! Those corn murals are a-maize-ing (sorry for the bad pun).
    Though truthfully, it does make me hungry.