Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Jam!

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend Winter Jam 2013, a giant Christian worship concert.  Because we attended with the base chapel, we were able to go in early before the general crowd, attend   a "meet and greet" with some of the singers before the concert started, get seats right down on the floor instead of up in the bleachers.....

 .....and we were given free tee shirts!

Normally tickets are only $10 per person but they aren't sold ahead of time and the seating is not assigned.  In order to get in, you have to go stand in line for hours and hope to get a ticket.  If you aren't near the front of the line, you take your chances about where you sit.  We were very blessed through the military to get in so early and get good seats.  We were getting some burgers before they allowed the general public in and they announced to the folks outside that it was almost time to enter and the roar that erupted, shook the whole building.  We scampered back to our seats before they opened the door so as not to get trampled as people raced to get good seats.  

I heard later that there were 20,000 people in the audience!

 We weren't terribly close to the stage, be we were fortunate enough to be almost in the center of the arena.  What we didn't know was that several acts performed right in the center, so we were just a few rows away from some of the performers.

Capital Kings performed first and we were THIS CLOSE to them!  They started the show off right.  We were jumping and singing and ready to have a blast!

We also wound up seeing Jason Castro and Toby Mac from this same vantage point!  One of the girls with us was very much agog over Jason Castro!

 OBB was up next, good Georgia boys like me.  Except I'm not a boy. 

The kids especially enjoyed Jamie Grace.  They asked me to buy her CD before we left. 

I also bought CD's for Matthew West and Newsong because they were just so fabulous and we love their music!

The concert also featured Sidewalk Prophets (loved them!), Royal Tailor (love, love, love!),  and RED.
Okay, so let me just say, RED is totally not my kind of music, but I'm glad that for people who love hard loud music, there is a Christian alternative.  Their portion of the show was really exiting with flames bursting up all over the stage.  We could feel the heat where we were sitting, I'm surprised the people nearer the stage weren't singed.

The whole concert was amazing with light shows, disco balls, confetti, flames, and just wonderful singing.  Most of my photos turned out blurry and overly bright, but we'll always have the memories!

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