Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well, this was a bad day.  Sit back and let me tell you about it.

Last night on the way to church, I heard a funny vibrating sound in the engine of the van.  I mentioned it to one of the men at our table and decided I should take it somewhere the next day to have it looked at.

Today, I decided to wait until after Katie's piano lesson to take it anywhere because I figured if they had to keep it for a while, I'd rather not be scrambling around trying to find a way to get her there.

So at the appointed time, I dropped Emily off at the library and then took Katie to her lesson and then ran back to the library to get Emily.

The car vibrated off and on the entire way, but just before arriving back at the library it got remarkably worse and every light on the dash came on.  I couldn't just abandon Emily, but I told Katie we would be heading to the auto place immediately after picking her up.

We ran inside to get Emily and when we came back out......the van wouldn't start.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

I called our insurance agent and they sent someone to come check it out.  The guys who arrived said they were told I needed a jump.  I told them I didn't know what I needed but I didn't think a jump was going to cut it.  Once they opened the hood, they discovered oil everywhere.  Apparently something burst and oil had spewed out rather than staying in the engine where it was needed.

Then a tow truck was called.  And we sat in the car until it got there.  Twenty-seven degrees.

Then a rental car agency was called and they came and picked us up.

Then we headed home and I realized the garage door opener was in the van still and I couldn't get in the house without it.

Then I remembered that I had actually saved the code to the keypad to the garage in my phone so I didn't need the opener anyway.

Then we got home and I discovered that the code didn't work.

ThenI had to find out where the van had been towed and go there and get the garage door opener so we could get back in the house.

Then Katie said she was hungry.

Then it started to snow.

When we got home, I discovered oil all over the garage floor.  (Wish I had seen that before we left the house.)

Then I took one bite of dinner then ate three cinnamon rolls and had three cups of coffee.

The End

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