Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Out

This is how our Sunday went:

Ben was planning to move into the dorms on Wednesday which was listed on the school calendar as the day incoming freshman can get their dorm rooms.  Just as church ended, however, he got a text message from someone reminding him that athletes had to move in on Sunday by 1:00.

Fortunately most of his stuff was already together, so he just flung it all into a suitcase and we got ready to go.  I asked him if he minded the girls coming along since they really wanted to see his new living space.  He didn't have a problem with it, so we all loaded into Kerry's car and took off with less than an hour before check-in was over.

When we arrived, I walked in with Ben to find out the check in procedure.  The co-eds at the desk asked him if he had brought his school passport which he received on registration day and which showed that he had completed all requirements to move into the dorms.  No passport, no key.  Ben told them he'd left it in the car and we went out to look for it.  As we headed towards the car though, Ben said, "I don't think it's in the car, I think it's on the table at the house!'  We searched the car just in case and then I told Ben, "Go inside and tell them you left your passport at home and ask them what the procedure is.  You can't be the first person to not have your passport and some of them come from a lot farther away and can't even get their passports.  They'll know what you can do."

So Ben went in and came back out, "They're going to let me go ahead and put all my stuff in the room.  They took me to it and introduced me to my roommates.  I can get the key when I come back with my passport."  Yay!

So we drove around to the door nearest his room and he suddenly didn't want the girls going into his room because his roommates were in there and having sisters is mortifying, so they (and I) sat in the car while he and Kerry trotted his worldly possessions inside.

When he came back out he said a different guy went ahead and gave him the key to the room.  "He said they told him not to give it to me until I came back with the passport, but he said he didn't care and he gave it to me anyway!"

We raced back to the house to find Ben's passport.  He griped on the way, "They only told us one time to bring that book to check in!"  We advised him that once should be enough, but he found the concept ridiculous.

When we got to the house, there was a mad scramble to find the red folder which contained everything from registration day, including the passport.  "It was right here on the table!  Someone must have moved it!"  He was very agitated that someone had moved his important papers.  It wasn't long before I located them in the van, where they had been since they were received.

The girls and I opted not to go back to the college with the guys and the appropriate paperwork.  "You don't want to go with us?" 

"WHY would I want to drive all the way over there just so I could sit in the car again?"

So the girls and I stayed home and the guys headed back to the college.  Five minutes later I got a text from Ben - "Did I leave my room key at the house?"

The girls and I did a quick search.  No key.

Kerry and Ben did a thorough search of the car.  No key.

I texted Ben, "Just go tell them you lost your key.  You're not the first student to lose a key, (although he may be the fastest) they'll have a procedure, they'll know what you should do."

He managed to get a replacement key and Kerry left our first child in his new home.

Later in the day I got another text from Ben - "I need a $75 check for a uniform, I need my sports physical, and I have to go to a welcome party tonight and it's BYOB."

I responded, "I already faxed them your physical, I can run a check out there in 30 minutes, and you can go buy your own B."

So I ran a check out to him, along with some toothpaste since I noticed his was still in the bathroom, and finally came home and collapsed.

Having an independent child who is out making his way in the world is tough on a mom.

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  1. I'm having visions of an early Saturday morning that involved Melvin Kinslow and a pair of tap shoes......:0)