Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And......We've Arrived

Well, we've made it.  Sort of.

We have left our island home and arrived in the land of corn and Lincoln.  We are trying very, very hard to be happy and love it here.

It's not easy.

There has been a drought here and everything is dry and dead.  Walking across the grass is like crossing a field of crumpled paper sacks.  It's ugly.

We accidentally drove into a less-than-stellar area while looking for a place to eat and it was ugly too.

The kids have been unusually silent.

And when they are not silent, they are bickering more than usual.

Ben stays plastered to his computer and when someone else needs the computer, he lays on his bed and stares at the ceiling.  Yesterday was my birthday and he gave me no gift, wouldn't go to lunch with us, and offered no assistance of any kind in making a cake. 

I'm trying not to be hurt.  I'm trying to love Illinois.  I'm trying to find the good stuff. 

This season will pass and we will make friends and find activites.  Ben will start college and get involved with new friends and new activities.  The girls will eventually have BFF's again and co-op classes and entertainment.

We will get there.  But right now we are here and our hearts are in Hawaii.


  1. Change is tough. Hang in there.

  2. My heart is with you all as you go through this adjustment. You are blessed to have such a wonderful attitude....GG

  3. I feel for you Amy. Moving is so hard and I think it's harder with older kids. I think of you often and pray that you find a church and friends soon. Love you, Laura P