Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy *Cough* *Mumble* *Cough* -th Birthday, Mama!

Aloha, y'all! The kids and husband of one fantastic person here, Emily as our spokesperson (Writeperson?). So we noticed that every year on our birthdays, we get a nice little piece on the blog about our existence, where Mama says how old and we're turning and wishes us a happy birthday. So this year, to show our love, we decided to hack her blog and write one for her!

Because hey, for my part, I just want to say my mom ROCKS. You know Proverbs 31, where it basically describes the perfect woman? Add the most epic sense of humor and the ability to cook spectacularly, and boom! My mom in a nutshell. But really, Mama, the thing I love most about is just... you. You're funny (read that as "bust-a-gut, ohmaigawsh HILARIOUS"), determined (like sitting there for an hour with me trying to figure out Algebra), smart (actually doing it), wise (with Bible stuff! And boy stuff!), a great cook, a teacher, a confidante, a best friend, a great role model, and an absolutely, all-around fantastic person. If I had to choose a mom, you'd be my first pick.
Love love love love love you,

29ish years ago today the world was blessed with a Goddess named Amy.
This dynamo is a combination of all three power puff girls combined
with a huge dose of creative genius and all around brilliance. She is
a also endowed with a large amount of patience and humor because she
puts up with a both me and her children on a daily basis.
Anyways...today is her day and we are so blessed to have her. She is
my soul mate and super heroine. She can leap tall buildings in a
single bound and single handedly save the universe in one day while
still managing to balance home schooling, direct the G3 play,
volunteer at church, and keep her sanity:-) The maker of the stars
broke the mold with you Birthday Girl. We love you! Don't get too
crazy to day!!
Thanks for being an awesome mom for 18 years and being an awesome
person for 37* years! You have been an amazing mom since I
kickstarted the whole you being a mom thing, and I honestly don't
think I'd be going to college this year if you hadn't pushed me
forward. You've pushed me to accomplish things I never would have
without you, and I love you so much! Thank you for being my mom and
Happy Birthday!
Mama, you are my birther, my mommy, the peace keeper. And the whole family wants to celebrate [insert number here] years of your existence, and our hearts leap at your name. Mom,
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are very special... how old are you again?...
Whoa! That old???!!!
2012-06-30 Portraits
(Just felt like showing off the fact that, as well as being the coolest person ever, Mama's also smokin')

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