Saturday, September 17, 2011

Running Like A Hamster

Sometimes, you think you know every inch of an island, and then you stumble across something you haven't seen before.

For us, the concept of getting inside a clear plastic bubble and running like a hamster (except on water) was a novel idea.

First you get inside a deflated plastic bubble. Then a girl blows up your bubble with a leaf blower.

Then you walk inside your bubble up a ramp, and into a wading pool.....

.....where you immediately fall down.

Then everyone laughs at you while you try to figure out how to stand, walk, and run again.

It was like watching my kids be toddlers all over again.

Ben said his legs hurt the next day like he'd done thousands of squats. Trying to walk on water is more difficult than you'd think! Gives the glutes a good workout!

Ben was the only one who managed to stay standing. He was also able to run a bit. But then the girls figured out that if they flung themselves bodily in the floor of the bubble, they could create a wave which would immediately knock him down and that put and end to that.

We laughed and laughed. You'd think it would only be fun if you are inside the bubble, but let me tell you, it is a riot to watch.

I like this photo because it's looks like Emily is being pulled into some sort of vortex.

It must have been fun, because that is a look of pure glee, right there.

And while normally, a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, only a video will do.....


  1. Come on Amy.. set that video to public! I am rearing to watch it. Love all your images and I love all your post all the time!

  2. And.. can I make a request.. can I see (hear) a video soon of Katie talking.. want to hear her sweet voice!! Great video! I have seen this on the beach.. wondered what it was all about!

  3. This is so funny!! I keep thinking they should be soaking wet! Is this in Waikiki?

  4. Yes, this was in Waikiki at the International Market Place across from the Cheesecake Factory.