Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dolphin Swim

Emily was able to go on a Dolphin Encounter for her birthday two years ago and Katie had asked to be able to do it for her birthday ever since. Since we all really wanted to do it, we decided to just make it a full family event and take all five of us on the dolphin swim.

For this activity we chose Dolphin Quest at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. We had a great time there with Emily's swim and wanted to have the same wonderful experience!

We got to watch the trainers feed the dolphins and give them a quick checkup.

The dolphins looked like they were have a blast just playing with each other before we even got in the water.

The trainers were wonderful. They told us about each dolphin and how each of them has a different personality. We learned about the feeding and care of dolphins as well (so I can count this as an educational field trip, right?).

We were able to have a lot of contact time with the dolphins. We were able to pet them, hug them, and kiss them. We raced one (he took it easy on us) and also participated in a splashing war (he won).

The trainer showed us the signals to use to get them to do tricks and we got to see some great flips and twirls!

This was a fabulous family adventure and definitely something I can check off my bucket list!

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  1. Very fun. And I'd totally count it as a field trip..I'm sure you learned a lot. What wonderful family memories. Fauche