Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lieutenant Dan Band!!!!

Remember last year when The Lieutenant Dan Band came to Hawaii and gave a free concert for our military? I wrote about it here.

Well, apparently they liked it last time, because they came back! One more free concert because they are just awesome like that. It was supposed to be an outdoor concert like last year, but because of the chance of rain, they moved it indoors to a gym. I almost didn't go. I knew that being inside would make it really crowded and we might have to fight for seats or be shoulder to shoulder with other people the entire time. I talked to several other families who had intended to go but then changed their minds also when it was moved to the gym.

But then Ben announced he and his friends were going and I decided what the heck, we'll at least give it a try. And, boy, am I glad we did!

Apparently a lot of people were worried it would be jam packed because it seemed like the gym was half empty for quite a while. We got a spot right in front of the stage and spread out a blanket to sit on. It never crowded up around us, in fact no one even stepped on our blanket!

And Gary Sinise was awesome as always.
Sorry about the demon baby in the photo. He didn't bite anyone.

Their whole band is fabulous. The singers have such different voices, they can sing a wide variety of songs. There was country, pop, rap, oldies, and some stuff I don't even know how to categorize. Early on in the show they were singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and my friends Becky, Kara, and I were dancing like the Andrews Sisters and pretending to blow bugles. I looked over at Emily and her friend, Serene and they were both standing stock still with their arms crossed, stolidly chewing gum. They didn't recognize a good bit of the music to start with.

They started recognizing more of the songs as the night went on and by the time "Don't Stop Believing" came on, they were jumping up and down in tandem. Emily shrieked, "Can we go down to the front???" They ran to the stage where Emily promptly fell in love with one of the guys in the band.

"He made eye contact with me!" She's still swooning.

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