Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After The Prom

Ben had a good time at the prom. He liked getting to ride in a limo and they had a nice dinner. Each attendee was given a souvenir photo frame. And Ben didn't lose any portion of his tuxedo which was my main concern of the evening as I had to sign a contract saying I would pay five times what it was worth if he lost anything.

Side note: When Ben was little he called a tuxedo a "torpedo" and he always wanted to wear one. My mother bought him a little black suit and a black bow tie and he was thrilled.

Back to the prom - It was when the music and dancing started that things got a little squirrely. They played popular teen music which was all about sex, drugs, rebellion, and cheating. The dancing was basically teens grinding against each other and a mosh pit of sorts in the center of the dance floor. Ben and his partner (who both take ballroom dance classes) elected to sit and talk rather than join in.

It was a good eye-opening experience for Ben. He got a good dose of what "average" teen behavior is like and what "popular" music is today. He's around enough other teens at scouts, youth group and just hanging around the neighborhood to have experienced this in doses but a full evening of it was something else all together. He came home saying, "Wow. I can't believe people say Christians are offensive!"

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