Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis

Kerry has been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis.

He has to wear this brace whenever he can lie down during the day. Mostly he is supposed to wear it at night.

It has three very wide, VERY LOUD, velcro straps which hold it in place. It sometimes takes him a little while to get it adjusted properly and he has to keep readjusting those VERY LOUD velcro strips until it fits just so.

And he's also wearing these new shoes which have individual toes and make me think of the new Tron movie.

They also make me giggle like mad.

When he was fitted for the brace, the sweet lady who was helping him told him, "Hon, this is going to make your foot feel so much better! When you fall asleep at night it will be giving your foot a really good stretch and it's going to feel wonderful and then about two hours later you'll wake up and you'll want to RIP IT OFF because it's going to hurt so much!" And she smiled.

She was right.

Kerry managed to keep it on until 4:00 AM at which time he undid all 47 straps that keep it on. Then he slept for a couple of hours.

Then guilt got the better of him and he put it back on, reattaching the 325 velcro straps several times each.

Believe me, that brace is keeping us both from sleeping. But it helps him be able to walk without pain which is worth it.


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