Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art Class - Prints

Katie is taking an art class. I am loving this class and wish I had found it sooner. When Ben and Emily were little, I had lots more free time to plan art projects for them. Now that I am homeschooling three different grade levels and centering my life around carting them to their various activities, art time is not so easy to plan. Thank heavens I can outsource some subjects.

Their first project was printing with ink. All projects this session revolve around dinosaurs which is not Katie's favorite subject matter for art, but she's trying to be nice about it and not complain (too much) to the teacher (yet).

First, they covered a piece of plexiglass with black ink. Then they would use Q-tips and napkins to draw a dinosaur design in the ink. Next, they would crank it through a rolling press to transfer the design onto paper. The first drawing here is a "ghost print" which means it was the second run through the press. The second drawing is a first print, and is therefore much darker.

I thought this was a picture of a dinosaur eating a dog. But it turned out to be a dinosaur about to pick up it's baby.

I stand corrected.

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  1. Great idea! Love the prints and their interpretations!