Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschool Jeopardy

Let me start by saying I did not invent this. I'm not sure who thought this up, but this is the way we review science with the middle schoolers at our co-op. All the other moms have been doing it this way, and as I was teaching the module on fossils, I did it this way too.

I just wanted to share this in case anyone else needs a good way to review a subject.

First, take colorful post-it notes and lay them out in rows and columns on a flat surface. I used a white board but it was very humid and some of them did not stick so well. There should be three post-its of the same color in each spot.

On the top post-it write the point value of the question. In this version, the easy questions were worth 100 points and the hardest questions were worth 500. You can make as many rows or columns as you need. It's easiest to have a different color for each column so the students can call out, "Yellow for 400, Bob!"

Underneath the point value on the second post-it, write the question.

On the third post-it write the answer.

On review day we divided up into two teams. One team would pick a question, "Purple for 200!" I, because I am the teacher (and also because I am constantly mistaken for Vanna White), would pull off all three post-its for that question. I would then read the question to the team which picked it. If they were correct, I handed them the post-it with the number of points on it. If they were wrong, then the other team got a chance and they would be awarded the points if they were correct.

After all the questions have been asked, the teams add up the number of points they received for correct answers.

This is an excellent way to review material before a test. It is entertaining for the kids and they are learning at the same time!

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