Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mmm Mmm Good!

One big surprise..............

While we were eating our lunch the first day, someone spotted us and came over to ask if we were the military family who were there for Operation Vacation. His name was Steve and he lived next door to the guest house we were using. He introduced us to his friend Bennett who was having lunch with him. We chatted about how much we were enjoying our stay and what a great program Operation Vacation is. Then we all returned to our lunches and took silly pictures.

Later, when we met up with the director of Operation Vacation, we mentioned that we had met Steve and Bennett. He looked completely astounded and said, "You got to meet Bennett!? I haven't even gotten to meet Bennett!"

Turns out, "Bennett" is Bennett Dorrance, heir to the Campbell Soup Company. It was his guest house we were staying in and there we were blathering on about it without knowing we should be thanking him.

I should have at least curtsied.

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