Friday, July 23, 2010

Hawaii Paso Fino

Another one of the fabulous activities we got to try on the Big Island was that we each got to take a riding lesson at Rancho Vitorino on Paso Fino horses.

Kerry particuarly enjoyed this. He's definitely our horse man.

Paso Fino horses are known for their evenly spaced four beat lateral ambling gait. This means they have a very smooth gait which doesn't bounce you up and down while you are riding.

While riding the Paso Fino you have to hold the reigns in both hands with your thumbs up. You have to keep your hands even with each other as if you were shifting gears with both hands in order to direct your horse.

First we would ride in a small ring to get the hang of how to hold the reigns and practice for a bit. We were right on the ocean and had this gorgeous backdrop behind us.

Kerry began to covet.

Katie was not happy that she didn't get to ride all by herself without someone leading her. But these horses are big, and she is small, and we just had to assure her that she would one day get to ride a horse on her own.

I have no idea why my sentences are being underlined now and I can't make it stop.

Please deal.

After we had trained in the small ring, we got to move into the larger ring and ride the horses around and through orange cones and in different directions. I was worried the whole time about holding the reigns correctly.

I handed the camera to Emily while I was riding and came back with a hundred photos of this Jack Russell puppy. The kids were enthralled with him.

This was a really fun thing to do and it made me wish I had started riding horses when I was young!


  1. thanks for sharing your life and adventures with us. It is always nice to see the things I may never see but also to partake in your whit.....I mean your entire famlies whit. haha

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