Friday, July 23, 2010

Hiking on the Big Island

One of the first things we did on the Big Island was a hiking trip. There's this great hiking area called "Iole". They have three different trails, all well marked and easy to follow. They also have hand held recorders you can use as you walk which tell you about the flora and fauna all around you.

Unfortunately, because we arrived late from the airport, we didn't get to use the recorders and we were only able to hike the shortest trail. We had hoped to get back over there but never had time during the rest of our trip.

It's really a beautiful area. Since I didn't get one of the recorders, I can't tell you about all the things we saw, but here are pictures of everything. Just sit back, take a look, and know it was peaceful, quiet, and lovely.

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  1. A-hem. I would like to take credit for pictures 8-11. All my handiwork.