Friday, February 12, 2010

Just The Facts Ma'am

I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

I was mainly glad they didn't take anything incredibly valuable. Had they gotten my credit cards or ID, I would have completely freaked out. I took my wallet and phone with me on the hike. I never leave them behind. My friend Kim had left her purse in my car, but fortunately she had put it in the back and draped a towel over it. The thieves didn't see it. They also didn't take Ben's ipod which was sitting right there between the two front seats. Ben said that was a shame because it has mostly Christian music on it and they clearly needed to hear it.

I had read an article a couple of months back about how thieves will steal a GPS, then push the "Go Home" button and head straight to your house. They know you will be tied up with the police for an hour and they've got time to clean you out there too. Fortunately, after I read the article, I changed the home address in my GPS to a nearby gas station. Ben was really hoping they would have headed to our house anyway and would have been greeted by our dogs. I was just relieved to know they wouldn't have been able to find us using our GPS.

Six other cars in the parking lot had also been broken into. There was a good bit of shattered glass on the ground. I had to fill out a report stating exactly what I had done from the moment we arrived at the park until I arrived back at my van and discovered it had been mauled. The police officer even advised me to write, "I did not give anyone permission to touch my vehicle, enter my vehicle, damage my vehicle, or take anything from my vehicle." He said he's seen slick lawyers get criminals out of trouble by saying the guy had permission to take something from the car.

He also advised me to write on the bottom of the report, "I am willing to prosecute."

I underlined the word "willing" twice.


  1. Wow! I am glad you had changed the you live off post? There have been incidents on post when we lived in Kaiserslautern of people breaking in for GPS. Our's is programmed for outside the post because it doesn't recognize the streets on the air field. Glad you all are okay and not hurt.

  2. yuck!!!I am grateful that your smart enough to have programmed your GPS "home" different than you addy. Praise God no one was hurt and it is a window that can be replaced. Dont let it steal your joy girl! I pray for justice on your behalf and many more beautiful outings with your "stuff" being safe.

  3. Holy Mackerel! I am changing the GPS "home" status right now. Glad you and your are doing well. I had my pocketbook stolen last year.... I started praying for that person, figuring that they needed all the help they could get.