Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rocket Science

Yet another cool homeschool project......

The kids in our co-op built rockets this year.

Unfortunately, we didn't live here when they actually built the rockets, so we missed out on that.

However, we did get to join everyone for the launching of the rockets. And since all the rockets were reusable, Katie got to shoot a couple of them off as well.

It's amazing how high those rockets can go. I thought they would just shoot a little way up, but those suckers took off and went so high we couldn't see them. Each time we would have to wait until the parachute deployed and the rocket had floated back down a way before we could spot it in the sky.

The kids had as much fun chasing the rockets and trying to catch them before they landed as they did shooting them into the sky.

One wayward rocket went too far away and landed at a McDonalds across the street.

I hope they weren't alarmed.

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