Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fifteen At Last!

Fifteen years ago today, I birthed a boy young'un into this world......

The seventeen hours of labor and five hours of pushing probably account for the somewhat shell shocked look on my face. I slept for seven hours before they brought him back to me.

Man, we look like babies ourselves. We were so clueless.

Ben isn't really into having a birthday party any more. He just wants a quiet celebration. His big gifts this year are going to be scuba lessons and surf lessons so for his smaller gifts we got him a couple of books and an iHome so he can take the iPod earbuds out of his ears once in a while.

He wanted a cake with as much chocolate as possible on it.

And - okay, I'm mean - I only buy organic cereals. So on their birthdays, the kids get to pick an unhealthy cereal. It's hilarious to me that this has become such a big deal to them. When they were young and they wanted me to buy a non-organic cereal, I would say "no" when they would beg for Fruit Loop or Cocoa Pebbles or something. Finally one day I said, "I tell you what, I'll buy you a box of whatever you want for your birthday."

They took me seriously.

They do not forget, ever, that it's time to pick their cereal. The weird thing is, the rest of the year they do not ask for other cereals. They also are not above trying manipulate each other into picking the cereal they like best. When Katie was younger, I had to make Ben and Emily leave the cereal aisle while she picked to make them quit pointing out the cereals they wanted.

Ben is a Frosted Flakes fella, all the way.

Oh, and I got him an AK-47 too.

*Insert gasp here*

It's an airsoft gun. He is one happy camper today.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!!!!!!!!! wow an airsoft gun. no shooting katie or emily. kimberly