Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Kerry loves football. I mean, he Really. Loves. Football. When we moved to Virginia, we had not only a channel showing current football games, there was also an entire channel which showed old football games. Kerry could spend hours parked in front of the television watching games whose outcome had been determined years earlier.

He knows everything there is to know about football. I like to spend my time looking up obscure football facts on the Internet to see if I can stump him.

I have never yet succeeded.

He knows every player, every stat, every team, every play that it is possible to know.

When Ben was born, Kerry was ecstatic that he now had a son with whom to share his vast knowledge and love of the game. He waxed rhapsodic about the games he and Ben would one day play (and watch on television). I remember saying to him once, "But what if Ben doesn't want to play football when he's old enough?"

"He will," Kerry replied with assurance.

"But really, honey," I continued, "What if he doesn't want to play?"

"He WILL," said Kerry sternly. There was no further discussion.

In later years, Ben started showing a preference for soccer. He had no desire to play football. Kerry was still convinced that eventually, Ben would develop a desire to play football. After all with Kerry's genetic material in him, how could he not?

One day we were riding along chatting about it and discussing how many people we had known who had been severely injured playing football. Kerry himself had three holes drilled in his knee and the ligament scraped after a football injury. He spent a month on crutches. This has never inspired me to encourage Ben to play football.

"Well, it won't bother me if he never plays football," I had the temerity to say.

Suddenly we whipped into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

"Get out," Kerry ordered. "I thought I knew you!"

Unfortunately for Kerry, Ben has never developed that burning desire to play or watch football. However, occasionally his friends start tossing a football around and Ben will join in. That happened last week, and I snapped some pictures for Kerry.

Here you go honey:

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. I know Kerry will be one happy Dude to get these. They are great shots. GG