Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Opposite Subjects Which Connect At The End

One of the things we've been warned about in Hawaii is the roaches. I've been told they are HUGE. I've also been told not to kill the geckos which also live in the houses, because they eat the roaches. And I've been told not to bother calling housing to complain about the geckos and roaches because they are only worried about getting rid of the rats.


I'm not a big fan of air fresheners, but the girls like the plug in ones, so I have them in their rooms. And Ben's room just smells like dog, so I keep one in there too. Today I walked in with two new scents and said, "Okay, who wants the vanilla scented plug in and who wants the Hawaiian breeze scented plug in?" There was an immediate outcry from both girls wanting the Hawaiian breeze plug in. Ben said he didn't want one at all. He likes the smell of dog and becomes unhappy when I try to cover it up with any other scent. I pointed out that it won't be long before their rooms smell like Hawaiian breeze all the time with no plug ins!

Ben said, "My room will just smell like dog and gecko entrails."


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