Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shot In The Arm!

We all had to get shots in preparation for our "overseas" move. Kerry had to get Anthrax and Hep B vaccinations as well as a TB test. The kids and I all had to have Tetnus shots and TB tests.

Here they are showing off their band-aids. The nurses like to tease Ben by asking him if he wants a Barbie band-aid or a Strawberry Shortcake. He pretends to be deaf.

Katie was the most nervous about the shots. She took a doll with her for comfort. As she normally pays no attention whatsoever to this particular doll, I think it may also have been a ploy for sympathy from the nurses. She did really well. Her face flushed when they stuck her, but she didn't cry.

And she recovered quickly. Unfortunately, they aren't sure she's had all her vaccinations. Her records show that she's had her second chicken pox vaccination but not the first. So they want me to bring her in and have her blood drawn so they can check her immunity and find out whether or not she actually had both shots. Poor thing. More needles.

I survived too.

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