Saturday, September 6, 2008

Katie's 8th Birthday

Today was Katie's birthday party. Her actual birthday is on Monday, but we had the party today because Saturday is an easier day for parties. She wanted a princess party. We sent out invitations with princesses on them. Bought plates and napkins with princesses on them. Told everyone to come dressed as princesses.

Katie dressed like a fairy.

Of course we had a mermaid cake. Ariel becomes a princess in the movie so it was in keeping with the princess theme. I didn't know it would have blue icing with purple boarders. It made all the girls look like they were on the verge of oxygen deprivation with their blue lips.

I've always thought of fairy tale princesses as being a dainty lot. Not this crew. I felt sorry for our downstairs neighbors who had 10 princesses running around like a herd of elephants over their heads. Princesses don't always play nice either. There were accusations of bossiness. Threats of "I won't be your friend anymore" were bandied about. But all issues seemed to be resolved quickly.

This is definitely a royal family.

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