Friday, May 2, 2008

Tornado Warning

Last night there was a tornado warning. Kerry and I were just about to head next door for Bible study when the warning came on television. We saw that the tornado watch was for a neighboring county and although we wern't worried it would get to us we decided we should be prepared just in case. We got out flashlights in case the power went out. We lined up everyone's shoes by the back door in case we had to head to the basement. We explained to the kids what we would need to do in case of a tornado siren which is basically, grab the flashlights and your shoes and head to the basement. We told the kids we would just be next door and if the power went out we would come home immediately and the tornado watch was just a WATCH and it wasn't for our county but we were just being prepared.

The kids heard, "A tornado is coming and we all might die."

Or maybe they heard, "A tornado is coming and you might die; we'll be safe next door."

It didn't even rain while we were gone but they were all too scared to go to bed. Later after we had gotten everyone in bed and asleep the storm really did cut loose around us. The lightening was flashing and thunder was booming and rain was pelting the windows like handfuls of gravel were being thrown outside. About 2:00 this morning I found our youngest in bed between us and my oldest standing next to our bed asking if we needed to run to the basement. And he usually sleeps through everything. I don't know if I've ever known of him to be woken up by a storm so he must have really been on edge when he went to bed, thinking of a coming tornado. I know he didn't sleep well because it's two hours past when he normally gets up and Kerry and I have both gone in and woken him up and he has fallen back asleep both times.

Emily is the only one up besides me right now. Kerry left for work ages ago. When Emily walked in here I asked her, "Did the storm keep you up last night?" She replied, "There was a storm?"

It was a good sleep for the unconcerned.

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