Monday, May 19, 2008


I am addicted to Facebook. I admit that freely..................

It has been 15 minutes since the last time I logged in to Facebook. I've checked my Facebook page probably six times today. I can not stop.

I initially set up my Facebook page after I saw some homeschool moms at Sonlight talking about their pages. They were saying that they set up Facebook accounts in order to keep an eye on their kids pages. I thought this sounded reasonable. Although my kids aren't yet into the Facebook world, I thought I could get a jump on it so I would know all about it by the time they ask me if they can have one.

I set up a page, put a few pictures on it, and put in my school dates. Then it showed me a list of people who went to my school during the years I attended and I immediately spotted an old buddy I hadn't heard from in years. I sent a request to add him to my friends list. He accepted and I could view his profile and he could view mine. From looking at his friends list, I found a couple of other old college friends. Then a couple of people found me! I have had so much fun catching up with these people! We've e-mailed back and forth, talked about our kids and what we do and where we live. Then I started thinking of people who didn't go to school with me, but whom I've met in various places around the globe. Wow! I found some more. One of my very best friends had a Facebook page and I didn't even know it! Yesterday, a friend from our church in Virginia found me. He was just setting up his page and saw my name. From his page I have now added six more people from that church who were friends of ours in Virginia!

This has been so exciting! It's like going to a reunion! I talk to the people I want to hear from and I block anyone I don't want to have looking at my info. I haven't actually blocked anyone yet, but I have a few in mind in case they do contact me! :-)

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