Monday, June 6, 2016

Latest Foot News

Katie got the cast off today.

She had it less than a week!  I wonder if that was a record of some kind.

They were able to remove the sutures.  Yay!!

Katie's surgeon told her that the outside of her foot might not look so great right now, but the inside of her foot was the most beautiful he'd ever worked on.

He also reiterated that she had REALLY messed up the inside of her foot.

She now has this robotic leg boot she has to wear for protection.

She's not happy about this at all.

She will have to do physical therapy for quite a while and when the screws and metal plate are ready to come out, she will have to have surgery again - probably in two to three months.

She's not happy about that either. 

She realized today that she will likely not be able to ballroom dance in the fall and possibly no archery either.  That hit her fairly hard.  Tears made an appearance.  

She resilient though; she will adapt and overcome.

She may not be able to walk, but she's gorgeous and that helps a lot.  :-)

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