Monday, June 6, 2016

Katie's Wedding Cast

These are some of the fun things that were written on Katie's cast at the wedding:

 I went to Hawaii and all I got was this lame cast!

Anything for attention!!  Love Daddy!

Nice to meet you.  Get well soon.

I don't know you but get well soon.

Your brother is my friend and that's why my name is here.

I wrote this one because someone asked Katie if she was in college with Noelle and I said, "She's only fifteen."  He stepped back and yelled, "Fifteen?!?!  You need to put a sign on her!"

Can you see me now?  (This was written on the back of her leg where she couldn't see it.)

Insane scooter skillz!

You work that cast girl!

I think your cast is hot!

Full view just before it was cut off!

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