Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just Me, My Girls, and A 2000 Degree Oven

I love to try new things!  I don't know why I've never handled molten glass before, but I'm definitely going to do it again!

The girls and I signed up to take a glassblowing class at the Chrysler Museum of Art.  The project was to make a glass egg.  We actually did this on Easter so of course I made an Easter egg.  

The girls made DRAGON eggs!

The hardest part was picking out what colors to use!

The oven was over 2000 degrees!

You have to continuously turn the pipe or the molten glass will just drip off.  
We had to roll it in the colored chips on a metal table to get the colors in it.

The lady who was teaching the course did a lot of the shaping.  
They didn't want any terrible accidents with us getting too close to the magma.

We didn't get to blow directly into the pipe, we had to blow into a tube connected to the pipe.

Once it was ready, another teacher would smooth the egg out with a blowtorch!

Katie was up next!

She chose dots for her egg where Emily had picked swirls.

Blowing some air in the egg!

That furnace was so hot I thought I might melt!  We had to keep moving back to it after each layer of colors and shaping.  I should have gotten a tan from it!

Rolling my first layer of white before heading back to the oven.

Layering on some blue.  I went with dots AND swirls!

The eggs had to go in a kiln for several days so the temperature could be brought down slowly so the eggs wouldn't crack. 

We picked them up today!
My egg

Katie's egg

Emily's egg

All three eggs, living in Easter dragon harmony!

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