Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Emily's Spring Break

Poor Emily.  

Now that she's away at college, I have to schedule all her medical appointments for when she's home.  
Spring break was an ideal time to catch up on everything that needs to be done.  

She had her cleaning scheduled with the dentist.  They found some cavities.

She had her wisdom teeth out.

She had the cavities filled.

We took her for a checkup.

 They decided she had too much wax in her ears (she gets that from my father) and had to flush it out.

 They also decided they needed some blood samples to check her iron level and her thyroid.  Also like my father, she has small veins that are hard to find.  The phlebotomist stuck the needle in her arm and had to wiggle it around trying to find some blood.  He got a little, but the blood just stopped flowing before he got all he needed so he had to go for the other arm.  Luckily, there was a more experienced phlebotomist who took over and jabbed her perfectly on the first try.

Despite the smiles here, she wasn't happy.

Katie seemed pleased though.

Spring break ain't what it used to be!

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