Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ballroom Dancing

Katie is taking ballroom dance.

This is an amazing group here in Virginia.  There are so many teens involved, they have to meet at two separate locations now to accommodate all of them!

I love it because the boys are required to wear button down shirts and ties.  The girls are required to wear skirts that come down past the knee.  

The boys have to introduce themselves to the girls at the beginning of each dance and the girls have to introduce themselves as well.  The boys have to ask the girls if they would like to dance and they have to lead the girl by the hand out onto the dance floor.  Everyone trades partners after each dance.  No one is left out and no one has to work up the nerve to ask a specific girl.  They simply move to the next girl in line after each dance.  I love it!

Katie was dancing with a boy and Emily was videoing with her phone.  When the boy realized they were being videoed, he started putting on a show for the camera!

This was only Katie's second night there, but she is loving it!

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