Monday, November 9, 2015

Actual Cannibal

Emily is taking a music class in college.  One day, her professor asked them each to pick a song from thier personal playlist that was like their "theme song".  The professor had them each come to the front of the room and pull up their song on YouTube and the class would watch a minute of it and the student would explain to the class why this song represented them.

Because it's a Christian college, most of the students played contemporary Christian songs and talked about how they felt God speaking to them through the lyrics of the song.

Emily got up and pulled up the "Shia LaBeouf" video on YouTube and told the class, "This is pretty much my personality summed up in a song.  I like things that are funny, bizarre, wacky, and over-the-top!"

The teacher actually let everyone watch the entire video.

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