Thursday, March 5, 2015

Puppies In The Snow

Our puppies have really enjoyed the snow.  Sort of.

Sometimes they come in with balls of ice caked into their fur.  The ice doesn't just rub off.  No, it does not.  This requires a dip in a tub of warm water to melt it all off their bellies, armpits (legpits?), and legs.  Every single time they go outside.

I shoveled a path from the back door, across the deck, and into the yard.  I cleared them a nice section of dead grass.  Before the snow arrived, I leaned the walls of our former shed against the deck to give them areas where there would be no snow so their little toes wouldn't freeze.

Do they appreciate all my efforts to help them use the bathroom without covering themselves in snow?

They do not.

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