Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ringo Welcomes Leo and Gus!

We were so excited to get home from our Thanksgiving trip and get Ringo out of jail.

We had boarded him at a new kennel as all the other kennels we've used had filled up.  We warned the kennel man that Ringo had recently lost his brother and this would be the first time he had been in a kennel by himself, ever.  Ringo has a whooping cough style of bark that can really get under your skin.  I've taken him to groomers before who called to tell me that Ringo "is really letting us know he wants to go home."  I was afraid the kennel man would just turn him loose after the first day of listening to him sound his distress over being left there.

When we went to pick him up, the kennel man told us that Ringo didn't bark.  He also didn't eat for his first two days there.  Then he finally gave Ringo a can of food instead of the dry food we had left for him and then Ringo was his best friend.  

The girls went with us to pick him up.  We had barely unloaded all the luggage from the car when we turned around and headed out to get our big baby.  We put the puppies in a laundry basket to keep them corralled and left them home so that Ringo could have our undivided attention.

After our joyful reunion, we were anxious to see what he would think of the new additions.  I ran inside ahead of him so I could film his surprise and excitement.   

I guess he was underwhelmed.  

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