Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New TV

Our TV has been slowly dying.  It's an old TV, one of those giant old monsters they don't even make any more.  The picture has gotten so blurry we can't even read the words on the TV guide channel.  We've know for a while that we needed a new set but we've been putting it off because TV's are expensive and it's not a "need", it's a "want".

After Christmas, Kerry and I saw a fantastic deal on a TV.  I love after Christmas sales when stores are trying to sell everything they can and you can get a really good bargain.

We trotted down to Best Buy where they had an awesome flat screen TV for $180 less than the regular price (boom!) and had a long talk with a salesman about how to hook up this TV to our cable box, Wii, DVD player, and some other thing with buttons that lets us switch from TV to Wii to DVD player.  He assured us that it was extremely simple to hook up.

I've always been the one to hook up new equipment in our family.  I'm an instruction reader and fairly intuitive about how to connect things together.  Kerry has always somewhat lacked the desire to read instructions and tries to tell intuitively how things are put together.  (Ask me about every set of shelves in our house sometime.)  When we were fist married, Kerry got so attached to a gaming system we had, I just refused to connect it back up to the TV after a move and he never played it again.  Marriage saved.

But....as technology has moved on through the years and we've added more and more things that have to be wired to the TV, even I get confused trying to figure out what plugs into where, and how this is attached to that.  Even when I read the instructions I get extremely frustrated because you need different types of cords and some are included and some aren't.  With this new TV, we had to buy two new cords that we did not already possess and I was internally groaning at the thought of unhooking the four thousand cords that already connect everything and trying to replace some of them with these new fancified cords while keeping some of the old ones but attaching them in different places to different boxes.

The salesman assured us several times that it would all be extremely easy to connect.

On the way home with our new purchases I was bemoaning the upcoming saga of trying to connect everything together.  Kerry reminded me that the salesman had said it was simple but then remarked that he probably greatly overestimated our ability.

"I'm not worried though," Kerry reassured me, "I'm 100% sure I can open the box."

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