Saturday, December 7, 2013

Play, Play, Play

Our homeschool co-op produced three plays this semester.  Katie and Emily were each in two of them.

Emily was in "The Great Pandemonium", a play about a high school play during the tech rehearsal.

 She played a cheerleader who was standing in for one of the main characters who couldn't be there.  When she wasn't speaking, she pretended she was texting - but she wasn't pretending.  She actually updated her Facebook page while she was on stage during the live performance!

 Katie was in a play called "Goody Grissom" which is a folk tale set in prairie times.

 Katie played a young mom with a very sick child.

Totally weird to think of my thirteen year old playing a mother!

 Then both girls were in "Light in the Library", a story about two girls who get locked in the library overnight when characters from books come to life.  Katie played Alice in Wonderland and Emily played the librarian.    I somehow missed getting a picture of Emily as the librarian!  I wasn't at her dress rehearsal and we can't take pictures during a live performance.  If it turns out someone got a picture of her backstage, I'll add it on later!

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