Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Katie decided she wanted to get her ears pierced.  I had told her she could do it when she turned 12 but she didn't really want to.  I have had my ears pierced three separate times in my life.  Each time they became infected and grew closed.  Emily has also had her ears pierced twice and both times they have gotten infected and closed. We just have super sensitive ear lobes in this family.  And apparently fat earlobes as well.  I've had to shell out extra bucks for both girls to have the extra long posts for "fleshy" earlobes.  In fact, the first store we went to last night did not have posts long enough for her ears and we had to go to a different store. 
I'm putting both girls on an ear lobe exercise regimen starting next week.
 She was a tad apprehensive.
I had, after all, told her it was going to hurt a lot - worse than a shot because it's not a nice thin hypodermic needle going through that chunky ear lobe. 
And there was that one moment right after the earring went through and the puncturing device got stuck and the puncturing person couldn't get it loose from the puncturee's ear and I realized she was correct to be apprehensive.  Yeah, that was fun.
But she handled it like a trooper and was very pleased with the results!

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