Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Draw A Chore

We have a "chore jar" in our house.  It contains slips of paper on which are written lots of little oddball chores that don't get done on regular basis: scrub around the handles of all the faucets on all the sinks; clean every light switch, etc.  There are also some goofy ones:  give Daddy a head massage and tell him how much you appreciate him; get out of chore free but consider this a warning, etc.  When the kids forget to clean up after themselves and I have to tell them to do it, they have to pull a chore from the chore jar.

Emily has an amazing knack for pulling the slips that are goofy instead of pulling a slip with an actual chore.  This week, she pulled the slip of paper which had "write a song about cleaning the house and perform it for your family" on it.

Here is her contribution to the musical cleaning industry:

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