Saturday, April 6, 2013

The College We Visited

This weekend we travelled over to check out a college that two of Ben's friends from high school attend.  While he likes the school he is attending now, he's looking for a stronger Christian atmosphere and we used his Spring Break to go do some visiting.

The college in question has a tumbling team.  Because Ben is currently a cheerleader and already knows some tumbling moves, they let him join in on some of the basic moves.

 He did a pretty good job.

 Most of the time.

 Katie got called up and some of the tumblers did flips over audience members.
After each couple of tumblers, they would add more audience members to make a bigger and bigger group to jump over.

 Finally, even Kerry and I got called up to be flipped over.
I was trying to be unobtrusive and let Ben lead how the visit would go.
So of course, while I was trying to take my place in that group of folks sitting on the floor, I tripped over someone and fell flat across three people and held up the show for a minute while I extricated myself.  Luckily Ben was laughing and jokingly said, "MOM, you're embarrassing me!"

 We were able to attend a school chapel service.  Their chapel was beautiful with a full organ....

 ....and stained glass windows.

And when we were outside, we could hear the music of the chapel bells all over campus.  I fell in love with everything at this school right about the time I heard the bells.

 We checked out the theater department which was built to look like a town.  Katie promptly decided she wants to attend this college.  Their theater department was A-Maz-Ing! 

 Emily wasn't with us but I sent her a picture of the soy milk/chocolate soy milk dispenser in the cafeteria and she promptly replied that she wants to attend this college also.

As luck would have it, they have a family discount!  (whew!)

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