Monday, April 1, 2013

Evolution of the Baskets

Kerry and I were laughing about how much our kid's Easter Baskets have changed over the years.  When they were little, their baskets were filled with Peeps, chocolate, plastic eggs filled with candy, and cheap plastic toys.

In this day and age, our kids would not be willing to get out of bed to look in their baskets if those same items were in there.  

Thus, the contents of the baskets has changed to reflect their current interests:
 Now, among the basic candies, Ben's basket contains beef jerky, jalapeno pretzels, creme soda, Nutella, and a bag of Naga Jolokia, the world's hottest pepper.  Ben has talked about this pepper for a couple of years, I couldn't believe I actually found it.  Here is his Facebook post about it:  My Easter basket had a bag of dried Naga Jolokia, the world's hottest pepper. To give you an idea of how spicy these are, a pepper's spiciness is measured on a special scale called the scoville scale. A Bell pepper scores a 0, a jalapeno is scored 5000, a Habenero is scored 100,000. The Naga Jolokia, also called the ghost scorpion, scores 1,400,000. I am seriously scared to open the bag.

Emily's basket now contains dairy-free chocolate (which are freakishly hard to find - if anyone sees Go Max Go candy bars in a store near you, please mail me some).  She, Dr Who fanatic that she is, also got  an Adipose and the Journal of River Song.  (And before someone else decides to email me and tell me that Go Max Go candy bars can still contain traces of milk - I KNOW - stop emailing me about it already!  She's not deathly allergic, just mildly allergic.  It affects her skin, not her ability to survive.)

Katie's basket contains a jar of electronic fireflies along with all her favorite treats.  She also got beef jerky and creme soda but nothing spicy.  Katie is still young enough that she winds up with the most traditional items although this year she also got moon pies and pop rocks just because those are cool.

We also don't visit the Easter Bunny, we visit the Easter Rats.

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