Friday, December 21, 2012

The Way of Lights

We went to an amazing light display here in Belleville, Illinois.  It's located at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows which is dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus.

The light display has over a million white lights and it takes them six weeks just to get them all up.

If you just want to view the lights, you can simply drive right through.  There is no charge, although they do accept donations at the end.

But if you want to get out of your car and experience some of the extras, you'll be quite pleased!

Check the weather first!  We didn't realize we'd be getting out of the car and nearly froze.  Luckily, they were selling hot chocolate there for only $2 a cup!  Emily wasn't happy as she's allergic to milk, but we bought her some kettle corn to make up for it.

Then Katie wasn't happy because she wanted Emily's kettle corn.

Peace on earth, my aunt fanny.

At the first stop we discovered a horse-drawn carriage which you can hire to take you though the light display but it was much too cold.

There were donkey rides........

...and even camel rides!

At the next stop we found a Christian bookstore which had lots of crucifixes, rosaries, and saints medals.

Emily looked at me and said, "I've never felt so Protestant in my life."

There was also an area where you could dress in angel costumes and have your picture taken.

There was also a stage where various choirs sing although none were performing during our stop.

Also, wreath displays......
....and tree displays.

See this amazing mosaic of Mary, Jesus, and three angels?
It's hard to tell, but it was taller than I am.
Let me show you a closeup....

Yep, those are LEGOS!  You can't even tell the entire thing is made of Legos, until you are up close!

Back in the car, we drove through a path of lights which was quite spectacular to see.
It was almost like looking at a city of lights.

There were various displays showing the story of the first Christmas.
This one was of Bethlehem.

There are even moving displays!

This was an angel hovering over the manger scene.

There are lights in the trees which looked like stars overhead.

Our last stop was at the laser show.  There are two different shows, one at a quarter after and one at a quarter 'til, every hour.  It's $3 per person to view and totally worth it.  Sit near the back for the best view!

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  1. That's some production, its easy to see why it takes 6 weeks to put the whole thing up!
    We have a daughter who cant have milk as well, so have been right where you guys are.We generally have the no milk on outings rule, but when its that cold what can you do?!