Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

And Christmas Eve is finally here.  I've actually been so far ahead of the game this year that I feel really off-kilter like I've forgotten something.  All the gifts were bought well ahead of time.  I've been wrapping as I go, so there is very little wrapping to do this evening.  Normally, I'm running around buying things at the last minute and wrapping until the wee hours.

We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church,
came home and made dairy-free egg nog,
then made a dairy-free casserole for tomorrow morning.

And then I gave the kids their Christmas pajamas.
Every year I get them a nice, new set of pj's so they will look good in our Christmas morning photos.

This year, Emily got a set that features the early bird, Ben got some with bacon on it, and Katie got a cute pair with a reindeer.

 Although, actually once she got them on and started dancing around in them, Emily looked closely and said, "That's not a reindeer!  That's a chihuahua!"

I think she's right.
We will probably laugh for years about the chihuahua pajamas.

Then we read "The Littlest Angel" which is a tradition because it usually makes one of us cry.

When I took this picture, I noticed that Ben's cheerleading pants were showing at his ankle.

"Ben, did you put on your cheer pants underneath your pajama pants?"

"Yes," he responded.  "I love these pants.  I wear them all the time, I even pull my jeans on over them and wear them to class."

Good gracious.  I'd noticed he'd been wearing them around the house a good bit in the week that he's been home.  

 "How long has it been since you took them off?"

"About a month."

I may need some help wrestling those off of him so I can throw them in the washer before he leaves again.

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