Monday, October 15, 2012

PB&J On Cardboard

Katie is taking a speech class.  That girl does know how to talk and she wants to be a lawyer, so speech is a good step in that direction.

This week she had to do a demonstrative speech and she chose "How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" as her speech topic.

She practiced during the week and even made PB&Js for everyone in her class.

Then, the day of the speech, she came running up to me just before speech class, "Did we bring the bread??"  

She had packed everything but the bread.  Hard to demonstrate how to make the perfect PB&J without bread.

Thinking quickly, Katie ran over to the arts and crafts class and asked the teacher, "Do you have any pieces of cardboard about this size?"  She held up her hands to indicate how big.

"Sure!"  The teacher grabbed two pieces of cardboard and cut them to the requested size.

"Thanks!" Katie  told her, "I forgot bread for my sandwich."

"'re not going to eat these are you?"

Katie thought that was hilarious.
In the end, her speech teacher told her she was very creative to come up with a solution to the missing bread.  Katie said the best parts of her speech were ad-libbed about the missing bread and she got a lot of laughs!

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