Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We have not actually trick or treated in years.  We've been going to our church's fall festival (which is essentially the same thing - dress up in a costume, get candy) but now that we've moved, we decided to just stay home and hand out candy.

The kids, of course, decided to dress up and prowl around the neighborhood.  Ben and Emily are past the age of candy begging, but they still like to dress up.

I like to think they take after their mother.

 Ben went as Slender Man.  Google it if you don't know who that is.  I don't have time to tell you everything you need to know, people!

 Katie went as a lemonade stand.  The "lemonade" was actually jello so that it wouldn't slosh everywhere.

 Emily was a fortune telling machine.  She even had little slips of paper with fortunes on them that she would hand out in exchange for candy since she couldn't actually trick or treat for candy.

There's always a way of getting around the system.

Rigger stood in the door all evening and scared people who came to our house.  We told them he was a chihuahua and that he was just dressed as a mastiff for Halloween.  One kid asked me, "How did you even get him in that costume?"

 Aren't they cute?

 Ben's mask was entertaining in that it squished his features around a good bit. 
Especially his nose. 

 He liked making faces while wearing it.

 Emily actually rigged her crystal ball to glow with a green light.
She's uber talented when it comes to costumes.

Katie scored the biggest treat of the night when someone gave her this giant family sized Symphony bar.  There's a rich family around here somewhere, we must get to know them.

I love seeing all the fun costumes of the kids that come to the door.  The little ones are always the cutest.  My favorite tonight was a little three year old girl in a pink princess costume who walked up and bellowed, "Trick or Treat!"  I held out a chocolate candy bar and she said, "NOPE."  So I picked up a sour taffy and she said, "NOPE".  Then she just pushed my hand out of the way and started rooting through the bowl of candy.  "Do you have any lollipops?"  I was laughing so hard I could barely tell her, "I'm sorry, I don't".  She kept rooting around in the bowl, "Where are your lollipops?"

If it had been an older child I would have just sent her away and told her to try another house before my dog ate her, but she was just so cute!  Another little boy in that same age range warned Kerry that he was going to burn his face off if he didn't put the top back on our pumpkin.  

Halloween is all about the cutie pies!


  1. I handed candy out to girls Emily's age...and none were dressed as well as she. Awesome job on all the costumes, as usual. The best one I saw here (other than my kids) was a boy dressed as a baseball card.

    1. I actually handed out candy to kids Emily's age too. We have lived on post for the past 4 1/2 years and post rules say no one over 13. But apparently it's okay around here. She still got plenty of candy, and we actually have a bunch left over because I was worried about running out and bought tons!