Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In The Mood

There is a dog in our neighborhood who is "in heat". 

I know this, because Rigger suddenly can not contain his adoration.  He thinks Ringo smells really, really nice.  He follows Ringo everywhere with his nose pressed to Ringo's body.  When Ringo stops, Rigger just stands over him, drooling.  Ringo's fur is wet from his head to his tail.  His fur stands up all over his body in spikey, drool covered clumps. 

Ringo gets tired of this treatment every so often, and barks at Rigger to leave him alone.  Then he goes and hides in a closet where Rigger can't find him.

Then Rigger just stands in the middle of the dining room with a glazed expression and pants, loudly, and breathes hot doggy breath all over us.  It's rather like having a warm, moist choo choo train with bad breath standing next to you.  The temperature of the room goes up about five degrees.

We'll all be glad when this is over.  But I must say, I'm glad Rigger's affections are confined to Ringo and have not spread outward to other members of the family.

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