Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aulani - The View and The Pool

We were fortunate enough to be on the 11th floor.  When we went out on the balcony and looked to the left, we could see the lobby.

 When we looked to the right, we could see the ocean and the pool.

The pool was amazing.  There is a play area just for younger kids.

 There is a snorkeling area stocked with fish.  We really intended to try this, but ran out of time.

 There is a mountain with two water slides in it.  You use a tube to slide down one, and just your body to slide down the other.  The one with no tube was pitch black inside, and lots of fun!  The lines were never very long either.

There were also hot tubs, which we never got to try out either!  There just wasn't enough time to do everything!

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