Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Play

The students in our homeschool co-op have written a play each year for the past four years.
This year's play was a lot of fun!

Ben was the Big Bad Wolf. 

 Katie was the little pig who built a house out of straw.

And Emily was Rapunzel. 

 In the play, the evil queen and the two wicked stepsisters teamed up with the big, bad wolf to try to convince everyone in Story Land to change their stories.

 The wolf talked to Goldilocks.....

....and the queen talked to Little Red Riding Hood.

 Goldilocks went Goth and became "Gothilocks" 
and Little Red became a rap singer known as "Little Red from the Hood".

The wolf tried to eat the little pig in the house of straw but she escaped to the house of sticks.

The cow wouldn't jump over the moon and the dish and spoon didn't want to run away together.

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty picketed the Prince's ball.

The wolf tried to get to the two pigs in the house of sticks......

by pretending to be a girl scout selling cookies, a UPS delivery man, and a singing telegram deliverer.

Snow White got a sunburn and her prince wasn't happy.

 The queen tried to convince the Little Old Lady In The Shoe to change her story but LOL decided to stick to her story and follow the Storybook Author.

Humpty Dumpty wouldn't sit on his wall and the wall fell on him. 

Miss Muffett became a biker chick.

Sleeping Beauty (who had become a career activist) and Cinderella (who had become a runner and a painter) tried to convince Rapunzel to join them, but she just wanted to wait for her prince.

The wolf used TNT to blow up the three little pigs house 
(they escaped safely) - 
no bacon was harmed in the production of this play!

Hansel, Gretel, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, and Jack (of Beanstalk fame) decided to straighten everything out.

They called a town meeting, got everyone to fix their stories.........

.....and danced into Happily Ever After!


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