Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taking a Tumble and Assigning Blame

Kerry was scheduled to run a half-marathon recently. He planned get up around 3:00 AM to head out and knowing we would not be up to tell him goodbye and wish him luck, Emily printed out a Bible verse and wrote him a note and then taped it to the front door where he would see it on his way out.

The handwritten part says, "Run fast, run well, and don't hurt yourself. And if you can, have fun. If you can't, try skipping the rest of the way. If you still can't, do a cartwheel. Except that I don't think you actually can. So don't. Hey, are there going to be prizes? Steal them from the administration tents! And send them to Panda! That'll be fun, right? Oh dear, I seem to be running out of room on this paper... Good luck! Emily"

Well, as luck would have it, Kerry tripped during the race when he took his eyes off the road to call to a friend he saw standing on the sidelines and took quite a spill, and also took quite a chunk out of his hand. He said he lost some man-points too.

He told Emily that he was trying to do a cartwheel like she told him to, so it was her fault.

She responded that the first thing she told him was not to get hurt, plus she did tell him not to really do a cartwheel because she didn't think he could pull it off and she was right. So there.

They've had a running mock-argument for a week about whose fault this is.

I'm just wondering how he's going to get those man-points back.

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