Thursday, April 19, 2012

On My Plate

1. Plan Ben's graduation party
A. Invitations
B. Food
C. Decorations
D. Music
2. Ben's Eagle Scout Project
3. End of year testing for the kids
4. Play practice (I'm directing)
5. Move
A. Set up dates with movers and airlines, pet sitters or kennel, hotel reservations
B. Look at houses in VA (ask about rental restrictions on 160 pound dog)
C. Find homeschooling groups - research piano teachers, guitar teachers, tennis teachers, art classes, Biology class, jumprope teams
D. Start getting rid of stuff
E. Make lists of what to pack
F. Call airlines about shipping dogs (ask about flight restrictions on 160 pound dog), make vet appointments for health checks before flying
G. Make appointment to ship vehicle
6. Ben and Emily going on youth group camping trip
7. Homeschool prom coming up
8. Judging for speech competition
9. Marriage seminar at church
10. Women's seminar at church
11. Military formal ball - make sure dress and uniform are cleaned
12. Anniversary plans
13. CEF ministry for Ben and Emily - applications in, need one more host, more payments due, fundraising letters need to be written and sent
14. Katie accepted to Starbase camp, finish filling out forms, make list of needed supplies
15. Have Ben research colleges in VA, fill out applications
16. Push kids to finish school before packers/movers arrive
17. Teaching second half of Waves/Sounds chapter to middle schoolers tomorrow. Finish researching:
Transverse Wave - a wave that has a direction of propagation that is perpendicular to its direction of oscillation
Longitudinal Wave - a wave that has a direction of propagation that is parallel to its direction of oscillation
Doppler Effect, sonic boom, decibels, hertz, rarefactions, see if I can find a model of the inner ear to show to the students, equation for measuring the speed of sound, equation to calculate distance of a thunderstorm based on temperature, ultrasonic, infrasonic, sonar
18. Do laundry, cook, clean, walk the dogs, and homeschool
19. Eye doctor appointment for me and Emily
20. Have a very quiet nervous breakdown, then get up and keep going


  1. Hi Amy, I realize you are moving to the DC area, just wondered if you are familiar with her husband is air force I think they are moving from DC this year might be a good contact for you????

  2. Aw, come on, I think you can throw in "have a baby" on that list as well.

    Fortunately our military ball is done, so I've crossed one thing off my list. And our move is "local" - only 5 hours away. I would not want to be doing an OCONUS move right now.