Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Spice

We were rambling about the other day and we stopped in a store to pick up a few things. Ben mentioned that he needed deodorant and trotted off to find some. He came back with Old Spice Deodorant which is not a brand I've bought him before.

"What made you choose that one?" I asked.

"Their commercials are hilarious," he told me.

Ah. Always my top priority in choosing products - the amount of humor in the commercial.

He showed me the deodorant. He had chosen "Matterhorn" scent which claims to smell like "Ice, Wind, and Freedom". The description reads like so:

The actual Matterhorn is comparable to one thing on this planet: Old Spice Matterhorn. Here is what they have in common: 1) Both smell as fresh and crisp as snow. 2) Both can be found in cold regions. The actual Matterhorn is in the Alps. Old Spice Matterhorn is in drugstores and supermarkets, which always seem to be freezing for some reason. 3) Both have peaks. The Matterhorn’s is 14,692 ft. Old Spice Matterhorn’s elevation stands at 6 in. when fully extended. To our knowledge, no man has stood atop its mighty peak.

I have to agree, I probably would have been intrigued enough to buy that too. And it does smell really good. Every so often Ben will lift his arm, take a deep whiff of his armpit and say, "AH! That smells like freedom!"

After that episode, when he mentioned that he needed soap, I picked up some Old Spice Bodywash for him. I knew he would like it because of its awesome description:

Scrub three levels of shame away. There are three known levels of dirt and odor. There’s thermospheric odor, which can be detected by those in close proximity to you, such as subway riders or your fellow tank commander. Next is stratospheric odor that only you can smell. Finally, microscopic beings that live on your body emit dirt and odor before laying their horrible eggs into your skin and spawning an unholy ecosystem. High Endurance Body Wash helps get rid of all this.

• Cleansing rinse cleans you, makes you feel refreshed.

• Manly scent forces your body to smell great, even when it doesn’t want to.

• Lather chokeslams dirt and odor away.

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  1. I have ALWAYS loved Old Spice. It has been around a long time. GG