Friday, August 19, 2011

Kailua Beach

Last week, we actually went to a beach I've never been to before.

This is Kailua Beach, over on the Windward side of the island (that means the west side if you don't know). The water of there was an amazing shade of turquoise. It's very very blue in most places - before we moved here, I thought all pictures of Hawaii were photoshopped because I'd only seen east coast beaches and the water is never that blue.

There was a little island not to far out. Ben and two friends decided to swim out to it. I wasn't a fan of this plan because I figured it was farther away than it looked. I didn't want them to get halfway there and realize it was too far. But they insisted, and they did it. After they made it back, they did admit that it had been farther than they thought. But the closest Ben would get to saying it was difficult was when he said, "I'm going to sleep well tonight!"

A short squall ran over us soon after we got there. As is typical in Hawaii, we all just sat through it, but covered up our towels and cameras with the boogie boards. It only lasted about five minutes and then it was gone. But then we were all cold, so we had to wrap our towel around us until we warmed up a bit. It was probably in the upper 70's on the beach in Hawaii, and we were all cold. Our blood has thinned and we can't handle temperature change anymore. Wherever we move next, we're going to either freeze or roast most of the time.

We're going to die of exposure when they ship us off this island.

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